CED Coating in NCR

ced coating in ncr

CED Coating

CED Coating in NCR

CED Coating in NCR Cathode Electro Deposition is one of the advanced coating methods used for automobiles and metal equipment. The water based spray ensures smooth, dirt free and precision coating of the object. Apart from being chemically resistant and mechanically durable, the technique is environment friendly. This is the benefit of CED Coating in NCR.

Features of CED Coating
  • After completion of electro deposition painting process, the transporter carries the object to paint baking oven.
  • The next task is to bring back the loaded carriers to the cooling zone.
  • Finally the carriers are unloaded where they are checked and tested upon various parameters
Why Choose Avon For CED Coating Services
  • We’ve already completed a number of successful projects and are dedicated to offering the best possible service in the future. We aspire to be the leaders in our field, with a positive attitude, sincerity, humility, and a shared commitment to achieve our objectives.
Advantage of CED Coating
  • Unlike spray coatings, lead paint does not sing during therapy
  • Unlike submerged coatings, lead paint does not wash in closed areas due to hot steam
  • Matching consistency in coating color and thickness
  • CAD is a better value for money than any other anti-corrosion coating

Our Process

The UNIT 1 is exclusively designed for CED Coating and is deployed with advanced systems to carry out the process as:

The components which are to be coated are placed on jigs which in turn are hanged on carrier bars. The carrier bars rests on trolleys and are PLC operated for efficient control. A transporter is deployed for picking up the carrier bars from loading station. This transporter will carry the component through various stages.