CED Paint

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CED Paint

CED Paint

CED Coating Cathode Electro Deposition is one of the advanced coating methods used for automobiles and metal equipment. The water based spray ensures smooth, dirt free and precision coating of the object.

Apart from being chemically resistant and mechanically durable, the technique is environment friendly.

The plating technique improves the quality and durability of the metal surface. CED coating is a white paint code for automotive & metal equipment.

The coatings are made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, which converts incoming electrons into a plasma.

This plasma coats the exposed parts with a thick layer of oxide or carbon to enhance its appearance and provide additional protection from damage.

The coatings are made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, which converts incoming electrons into a plasma.

This plasma coats the exposed parts with a thick layer of oxide or carbon to enhance its appearance and provide additional protection from damage.

CED Coating is an industrial grade coating available in full color and black on white.

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CED (Carbon Electrode Material) Coating is a performance-enhancing coating. This coating will give your bike a new look and feel.

CED is a non-stick coating that is environmentally friendly and can last for years.

It’s a revolutionary product. Its unique formula releases natural nutrients into soils, making them rich and sustainable. It also provides long-lasting water retention, improving drainage in your plants.

Coating is a process where a material’s surface is coated with an additional layer of material. It is a thermal, chemical and physical process that protects the underlying substrate through a number of methods.

This coating is an easy way to add protection and durability to almost any part of your device such as your graphics card, motherboards, processors and more.

Since it is applied directly on top of the component, it can be done without any extra time required and therefore saves you money while still providing the same level of protection you expect from a custom paint job.

CED coating is a type of thermal insulating material that is used in buildings. It’s what keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, when it’s too hot to go outside and not enough to go inside.

CED is the greenest building material around because it helps create a healthier indoor environment, while cutting energy costs.

Our CED Coating is a revolutionary type of stone protection that enhances the natural look of natural stone surfaces.

CED coating is a special coating developed by the company to provide a rust-proof shield on metal surfaces. The coating is used in the production of tractor parts, wheelbarrows, seat covers and other household items.

3-Pack of CED Coating designed to protect against the effects of rock salt, sand, and all other environmental forces while retaining maximum grip.

This CED Coating can be used multiple times before scrapping and is recommended for foot traffic only.

CED Paint Coating is an Inorganic Protective Coating for Steel, Aluminum, and Concrete. It can withstand weathering, ozone, high heat and humidity, bird droppings or other direct contact from the environment without peeling, flaking or chipping.

CED Coating is a one-of-a-kind coating that’s been formulated to provide exceptional impact resistance, high fire resistance and heat stability. It gets better with age, requiring little or no maintenance and lasting for a lifetime.

CED is a durable, ultra-clear finish that stands up to the wear and tear of industrial environments. Its resistance to scratches, its durability and its resistance to water, oil and other chemicals make it the clear choice for high-traffic industrial applications.

Is your home looking fresh and clean? Our CED coating makes it easy to clean and maintain your floors, walls and counters by using less effort while increasing longevity.

Features of Coating
  • After completion of electro deposition painting process, the transporter carries the object to paint baking oven.
  • The next task is to bring back the loaded carriers to the cooling zone.
  • Finally the carriers are unloaded where they are checked and tested upon various parameters
Why Choose Avon For Coating Services
  • We’ve already completed a number of successful projects and are dedicated to offering the best possible service in the future. We aspire to be the leaders in our field, with a positive attitude, sincerity, humility, and a shared commitment to achieve our objectives.
Advantage of Coating
  • Unlike spray coatings, lead paint does not sing during therapy
  • Unlike submerged coatings, lead paint does not wash in closed areas due to hot steam
  • Matching consistency in coating color and thickness
  • CAD is a better value for money than any other anti-corrosion coating

Our Process

The UNIT 1 is exclusively designed for CED Coating and is deployed with advanced systems to carry out the process as:

The components which are to be coated are placed on jigs which in turn are hanged on carrier bars. The carrier bars rests on trolleys and are PLC operated for efficient control. A transporter is deployed for picking up the carrier bars from loading station. This transporter will carry the component through various stages.