Industrial liquid coating

Industrial liquid coating

Wet / Liquid Coating

Industrial liquid coating

Industrial Liquid coating is a technique for creating high-quality aesthetic coatings on metal, and plastic. To achieve a class finish, industrial liquid coatings, which primarily consist of a carrier solvent, pigment, and resins, are applied using sophisticated spray guns.

Our coatings provide a high level of corrosion and erosion resistance that is just unattainable by our competitors due to the high-end technology that is used in our spray substance. In fact, the field testing has revealed that our solution is 10 times better than our competitors.

The industrial liquid coating is engineered at molecular level to make it long lasting and withstand the harshest of weather and industrial conditions.

Features of Liquid Coating
  • For sensitive materials, this type of coating is a great finishing option.
  • Gives you a lot of surface hardness.
  • Exceptional Anti-galling qualities
Why Choose Avon’s Liquid Coating Solutions
  • Guaranteed waterproof protection
  • Increased service life of the product
  • Colourful finishes and various options available
Advantage of Liquid Coating
  • Because liquid coating methods do not employ high-temperature curing, they are suitable for heat-sensitive materials such as electronics and polymers.
  • Liquid coating can be used to coat virtually any substrate
  • Achieve a smooth or textured finish.
  • Can be used on its own or in conjunction with other coating procedures

Our Process

The pretreatments include degreasing and neutralizing of the surface to remove any impurities and contaminants. The liquid paints are typically applied to car body panels using high volume / low pressure guns.

These guns ensure even application of the liquid paint. The curing process of the paint is applied using both catalysts and accelerators, which is used to dry off the paint applied. Lastly, the finished product is inspected, and packing for delivery is completed.

With our knowledge and capabilities developed over many years, we ensure that your products remain in the best possible condition with coatings applied to them.